Dental Crowns & Bridges

Reconstructive Dentistry at Smiles of Johns Creek

Our dentists can rebuild your smile with dental restorative services, including dental crowns, bridges and implants. If you have broken or missing teeth or are not able to chew properly, please Contact Smiles of Johns Creek for a new patient examination and consultation appointment.

Dental Crowns

When a tooth becomes damaged due to dental decay or has broken away from an old filling, a crown may be necessary. A dental crown is a precious metal or porcelain "cap" that covers the top portion of the tooth to protect the root and remaining tooth structure from further damage. Your dentist designs the crown to create a smooth, continuous surface both above and below the gum line so the crown and tooth can be easily cleaned with daily brushing and flossing.

CEREC® One-Visit Crowns

Our practice is equipped to provide CEREC® same-day restorations. CEREC® CAD/CAM technology gives our dentists the tools to use virtual planning and design software to design and fabricate your custom ceramic crownin one visit. The best part is you leave with your completed crown restoration in one visit - no temporary crowns or delivery appointments required!

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is used to replace a missing tooth. The bridge is designed by your dentist to use teeth on either side of the open space to support a single replacement tooth (or multiple replacement teeth). A dental bridge may be made of all-porcelain or porcelain fused to precious metal to create a natural appearance.

An alternative to a dental bridge may be a dental implant; an implant can be used to replace the root of the missing tooth and restored with an implant crown. An implant crown eliminates the need to drill on adjacent teeth for support as is needed for a bridge. Dental implants can also be used to support bridges to replace multiple teeth, or as anchors for partial or complete dentures.

Tooth Restoration vs. Extraction

If you are experiencing a toothache, a normal first reaction when a tooth hurts is to "pull" the tooth. Our #1 goal is always to alleviate pain or discomfort; there are often ways to do this without sacrificing the affected tooth. We recommend saving natural permanent teeth whenever possible.

Saving your teeth is a better investment.

It may surprise you to learn that in the long run, saving a tooth by performing restorative services such as a root canal and crown is actually less costly than extracting the tooth. When a tooth is removed, the surrounding teeth will move into the open space, creating an unnatural bite and potential for broken teeth, and, even more tooth loss over time. The extracted tooth must be replaced to maintain the position of other teeth with a bridge, implant and or denture; these procedures are much more costly than a single root canal and crown.

The best measure to protect your teeth is to develop a strong preventive care routine – read more about our Smiles of Johns Creek preventive dental services.